Essay on a tree house

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essay on a tree house

The Treehouse: An Essay Reflecting on Life, Family, Neighborhood, and Memories

B ack in the mids, when my wife, Viki, and I had been living in downtown Orange for 10 years, I decided to build a treehouse out of redwood fence lumber in a Fuerte avocado tree that sat in the corner of our backyard. I was well past 30 at the time, and the tree was probably twice my age and 40 feet high. We had two young sons, John and Danny, and so it might seem that I wanted to build the treehouse for them—and I did—but I also wanted to build it for me. Anything worth doing has a number of solidly good reasons for getting done. And in any event, a treehouse is its own excuse. One thing I discovered is that the tree and the treehouse are in some sense the same thing.
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The Treehouse: An Essay Reflecting on Life, Family, Neighborhood, and Memories

As long as it rains regularly, we have plenty of water. We also made pathways to the field beyond our back yard. Accept Learn More Our first visit was a Sunday and no one was at the site, but the work had begun.

Thanks for the lovely images. Ten years went by, play games, for example. We could sit do. The genius of the ramping through and around existing trees.

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There are two children in our home as well. Matthew and Heather February 26, Reply. A few years before the avocado tree declinedwe had put a half-dead ficus tree in a wooden nouse out back. The tree stopped bearing fruit of any sort. I love tree houses too and also have a tree house board on pinterest.

We have some unexpected visitors. A family with 4 kids. They were climbing down the mountain, struggling not to slip on their way back through the woods. The last thing they expected was to be greeted by two young people, standing in front of a little wooden house, in the middle of nowhere. How did you get your fridge up here? I smile. The boy looks at me with big eyes.


Thank you Trish. The creek was our trail into and out of the woods where we had our camps. After gawking at the beginnings of a real treehouse, we ambled over to the visitor center to get the story. I just miss that innocence I experienced when I was young.

And candles. Once you realize that you're a creator and the world is your playfield, there's no limit to what can be done. That I can visit it daily is like stepping into a time machine to my childhood where I climb up into the trees to take in the observations of a crow. Can you write my essay for me!

The genius of the ramping through and around existing trees, for example. The whole structure was clad with vertical fence boards with wood lath for battens. I turned around to recalibrate what was rising before me. Joe B February 29, Reply.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. There are actually many resorts that have treehouse lodging. The tree will require trimming and will also require proper use, which means taking care not to damage the bark or important branches. Our minds saw it as an opportunity to become extra loud.

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