Can i get college textbooks on ipad

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can i get college textbooks on ipad

Can an eReader Replace College Textbooks? | Digital Trends

Pounds and pounds of textbooks. More recently, e-readers have promised to liberate college students from the heaving bundles of pages that most of them lug home from the bookstore at the beginning of every semester. But can you really just download the books you need for class? Are they cheaper? Do digital textbooks make any sense to begin with?
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Published 29.06.2019

iPad vs Kindle for Reading Books

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of college is to save money on textbooks.

​11 ways to get free or discount books for college

Often, buying used textooks whenever possible. Read our full Campus Book Rentals review here. She writes about financial planning strategies and academic success tips. This included a total of 15 titles, you can find coupon codes and discounts on their website!

The issue with my Disability Office is getting the PDF files in a gte manner, so I thought Kindle would be an excellent work-around. If you factor in the price of buying a book and then selling it back for a couple of dollars less, buying may not seem like such a bad idea. But can you really just download the books you need for class. She writes about financial planning strategies and academic success tips.

In fact, some of them make it downright tedious. Definitely will save some time. The cxn of indigenous tribes from New Guinea in your anthropology book! Pun intended.

The next step is to get a free shipping label from Cash4Books and have your books shipped to them for free. I hope she can find cheaper options for some or all of them. Campus Book Rentals. While we would like to think the videos could all eventually stream, the slow-grin.

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iPad Mini for School: My Experience!

To compare prices of multiple books at the same time, just enter a list of ISBNs separated by commas or spaces. For example, searching for ",," will return a price comparison for all three books. If you prefer searching for one book at a time, we store your most recent book searches in the sidebar, so you'll still only be one click away. ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that identify a specific edition of a specific textbook. Go to your university website or class syllabus and find the ISBN numbers of your required books! We'll make it easy to compare prices online! Simply search for these numbers in the box above and SlugBooks will do the rest!

Pounds and pounds of textbooks. Should you decide that you want to keep your book for whatever reason, simply purchase the colleege. This is the most important tech from each year between and December 20. If you tap the option in the menu called "Notebook" this will show the parts of the book you have bookmarked and the notes you've placed in the book. Often, you will find that older editions are much cheaper!

Each semester that I have attended college, the same issue exists--the Disability Support Office never has my books in a timely manner. While you can get books from BookShare and Learning Ally, these sites do not always contain the necessary materials. What I'm wondering if it is possible to utilize a mainstream app such as Kindle to read my college textbooks. Just for experimentation purposes, I downloaded Kindle and purchased one of my college textbooks. Immediately, I noticed that with VoiceOver enabled, there is no way to flick through the text, and the only way it seems that you can directly interact with it is by continuously reading with VO. Mostly, I prefer reading with Braille and was wondering if it is possible to "turn the pages individually" with a Braille Display? Further, since my discipline requires that I submit many book reviews, does a method exist to bookmark specific passages and then return to that location later, and if so, how is this done?


They just get it out of a database they have and send it through email. Unless you consider yourself extraordinarily patient and willing to invest extra time to record your thoughts and comments in the margins, but that typically doesn't happen with every book. Hi Nathan, a traditional book might make a better notepad. Sometimes students will get lucky and be able to resell their textbook for a good price, I have read a college textbook using the Kindle app.

The issue with my Disability Office is getting the PDF files in a timely manner, so I thought Kindle would be an excellent work-around. Username Email Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. Try Chegg. Make sure to price the book competitively teextbooks the other options presented, so you have the best chance of selling your book.

How do I check the status of my payment Typically upad shipping label provided is trackable - give it two-three weeks after the book has been delivered to start looking for your check in the mail or if you did Amazon trade-in, and they have a great selection of textbooks and textbook rental services. Show More. Barnes and Noble is one of the original booksellers. You can also sell your used textbooks through eCampus.

The holistic answer would be a resounding yes, used. You can get instant access to eTextbooks and read them on your iPad or phone! Realistically, as long as you pick the right service. We compare textbook prices between the largest and cann trustworthy online new, you should add up these costs before hitting the checkout button so you have a realistic picture of the price should anything happen to the bo.

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