Pretty little liars differences between book and show

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pretty little liars differences between book and show

10 Ways the Pretty Little Liars Books and TV Show Are Totally Different

This page lists many of the differences between Pretty Little Liars books and the Freeform TV series of the same name. Spencer is a very intelligent girl in both the books and the TV show but in the books, as A starts stalking the girls she starts doing stupid things. She plagiarizes one of Melissa's old papers and turns it in as her own. Later, while taking summer courses at a university, she starts to develop a drug addiction from a drug nicknamed Easy A, which she buys from a guy named Phineas who is later revealed to be part of the A-Team. She then goes on to frame her roommate, Kelsey, for drug possession to avoid getting herself into trouble. She also accidentally serves pot brownies at a party at Princeton University. None of these events happen in the TV series.
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10 Major Differences Between Pretty Little Liars Show & Books

The Pretty Little Liars series is a tangled web of murder, trickery, and all-out backstabbing both literal and otherwise and the TV show definitely stays true to that. But even if you've read all 16 books , you might still not know what's going to happen in the show, 'cause there are some huge changes.

Differences Between TV Series and Books

At first the girls think "A" is Alison, it is soon revealed that the real A is still seeking vengeance, but then they start to believe the person behind the threats is Toby, giving birth to a girl named Lola, which "A" had planted for Noel to find. Meredith goes into labor. However. After an explosion on the bo?

Cover Image Credit: DailyMail. They move in together and Mrs. Hanna's father wants nothing to do with her because it will hurt the campaign. The police arrest all of them and told the girls that all of the texts from "A" had come from their phones?

Shiw now has trouble with her stepsister Kate Randall? At Rutgers University. Jun 04 by TeamEpicReads. In the show, but in the books Mona actually dies after falling off a cliff the night she reveals her identity.

The book begins with the girls vacationing in Jamaica and Emily seeing a girl who she believes is Ali. In the show, Hanna is a brunette. In the novels, he is shot and killed by Charlotte DiLaurentis, she angrily tells Kelsey that Spencer framed her for the drug possession. After Emily is hurt by Spencer's remarks about her love for Alison.

I got so addicted to the show that to fill in the gaps between seasons, I started reading the books as well! While the show and the books are equally as good, they are shockingly different in terms of the plot and characters. So for those of you who are considering reading the books after watching the show, keep in mind how these Pretty Little Liars characters differ between the show and the books!
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20 Differences Between Pretty Little Liars Books And The TV Show

Whether you love your Pretty Little Liars served up on the small screen or in the bestselling books or both like us! Here are the top 20 per our figuring—feel free to point out more! In the novels, Spencer is a blonde, Hanna is a brunette, and Emily has reddish-blonde hair. Rosewood has a surprisingly high death rate both on the show and in the books, but just who dies, when, and how varies. For instance, Maya has survived in the books so far! Apart from his dreamy looks, the girls really could have used someone with his tech-savvy skills to deal with their text-messaging stalker!

The character of Hannah in the books is very similar to Hannah in the show. However, in the boo. Aria falls in love with Jason DiLaurentis again. Pretty Little Liars franchise. Sorry Ezra-fans.

Many people first heard of "Pretty Little Liars" when it became a television series in I began the series back in and I was extremely excited when I found out that the books would be turned into a TV show. However, after the first episode, I could tell that there were a lot of differences between the books and the show. With the show coming to an end after season seven, I would like to show how different the show and the books are from each other. To start, Spencer Hastings is blonde, but, in the show, she's a brunette.


She found Ali's diary and that's how she knew so much about lars. Do you think the show should have stayed more in line with the books? Both TV show and Book series have the same premise. Aria becomes friends with a boy named Graham, leading the Liars come to believe that Naomi and Graham are working together as "A".

After getting out of Radley in the show diffferences, but in the books she has quite a few other sibling connections, Mona goes on to live her life and even winds up dating Aria's little brother. Ali may only have one brother in both the books and on the show, which is how Alison forced Toby to take the blame. Aria Montgomery : Aria is a quirky and artsy girl who, at the beginning of the books. In this book it sohw revealed that Toby was forcing himself on Jenna when they were in middle school and Ali and Spencer were the only ones who knew about it.

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  1. Post a Comment. Both TV show and Book series have the same premise. Four girls, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily, drift apart after their best friend and leader of their clique, Alison Dilaurentis, goes missing. 💁

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