A book of engines and traps

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a book of engines and traps

The Engine of American Unreason - The Consumer Trap

These are some of the great books we read and continue to reference in preparing and going through the process of our engine build. There is a lot of good information in these book. They are written at a level so people new to engine building can learn but also as you re-read them you will pick up more and more information and detailed tips. A lot of detailed information and background beyond the factory service manual about how to rebuild your Datsun or Nissan engine. Also includes a lot part numbers and installation tips for L-Series motors. Some of the material might be a little dated but a good solid reference for anyone attempting a Datsun Engine build. This book by Frank Honsowetz with Nissan Part Number M goes beyond the rebuild book and provides a lot of details on improving the performance of your L-series motor.
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'Rainstick' Engines & Simple Rapid Fire Spear Traps (Wiring Ideas, Terraria)

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Leonard Mascall

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