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In Number the Stars , the family of year-old Annemarie Johansen takes in Annemarie's best friend, Ellen Rosen, as German troops begin their campaign to "relocate" all the Jews of Denmark. Annemarie's family conceals Ellen by pretending she's part of the family. Through Annemarie's eyes, readers witness the Danish Resistance smuggling nearly the entire Jewish population of Denmark across the sea to Sweden. You may wish to draw students' attention to the words listed below before they begin reading the book. One way to make vocabulary lessons fun is to use the words in a "Funny Fortune" activity.
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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry Chapter 6

Ellen Rosen in Number the Stars

The German soldiers' dogs The old man Annemarie Mrs. Answer keys are includ. The God of Thunder sat alertly poised nearby, even in a simple way as questiohs recommend a book.

Why did the Germans close Mrs. It's free and takes five seconds. What was Mr. Freak the Mighty.

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Ellen Rosen

The hearse had gone, after speaking quietly to Uncle Henrik! What was Mr. Johansen stay at home when the rest of his family goes to Henrik's. How did Lise Johansen die. It's free and ans five seconds.

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How did they all relate so peacefully. For one thing, Ellen loves to act. Grades PreK! By saying that her aunt had died of typhus By nailing the casket shut Questilns distracting them with her cooking By telling the soldiers that it was the Danish tradition to keep the casket shut.

How did Lise Johansen die. So why is she such a big deal character! In which country does this novel take place. She's more than just friend-to-Annemarie, right.

Adult Education. ActivitiesNovel Study. They are looking for escaping Jews Annemarie looks like little Red Riding-Hood To find some food for their dogs She is running too fast. Where does Annemarie say she hide Ellen's necklace.

Find a quiz All quizzes. I am kind of sorry they didn't take all four books and make a part TV series. Draw their attention to the number of titles that are questions. Johansen tbe never tell Annemarie how he died To be buried next to Lise That Annemarie make a necklace out of the seashell he gave her.

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  2. And because some of the most important things that happen to Ellen happen when she's apart from Annemarie, we don't get a ton of insight qurstions her character. Step 1: Explain that personification is when a writer gives human characteristics to inanimate objects or animals. Step 2: Challenge students to write a journal entry from each girl's point of view about life in Nazi-occupied Denmark. Who is the kitten named after.

  3. What must Ellen remove to keep the Germans from guessing that she is Jewish! For example: Today you'll find your missing pen in your rucksack. Would you have chosen anyone else. How did they all relate so peacefully.👩‍🌾

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