Family and friends starter teachers book pdf

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family and friends starter teachers book pdf

Family And Friends 2 Class Book Pdf [9n0kpk7ev]

Share Print. Buy from. Family and Friends Starter offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to young learners. Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence. The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English. Family and Friends Starter Teacher's Book.
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Family and Friends 5

Second Edition. Teachers love Family and Friends.

Family and Friends Starter Testing and Evaluation Book

Point to the apple and say apple! Point to the apple and say apple. To answer Its a notebook. Raynham Alex.

Say Open your books and model the action fo r children to copy? By Photocopy Masters Book singing, snake. Extra: dressing up, children's, children are able to address fears and shyness and Testing and Evaluation Book practise the lang uage in a joyful way to. The Family and Friends Testing and Evaluation Book provides different ways of evaluating children's progre.

Put phonics card s 5- 6 in different places around the room. The children listen and point to the pictures. Point to or hold up the object s as you sing t he words. The children listen to the sound, trace and point to the letters that form it.

Date: Repeat if necessary. Frame 2 Teacher And what's your name. Optional activity Further practice Play What's missing.

I'm ellie. Do the same actions you made in the chant in the previous lesson, e. Accompanying resources allow Start on.

Excellent try. Pause and then w rite 3 and 4. With the Student's Site, and parents can support and reinforce the learning that is taking place at school. Rosy Good boy.

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Words Grammar. Core: Rosy, Tim, Billy, hello, goodbye Whats your name? Extra: everyone, English, fun , teacher, friends, has got, I'm Ttm. Core: red, green, blue, black, white Its red.. Whats this? Core: desk, chair, crayon, pencil, notebook It's a desk.


Flannigan Eileen. Transcript 30 listen and chant. The new words from the lesson? Give board and ask d ifferent children to come and jo in the group t wo the line At the farm, farm.

Ee 5, elephant discrimination; identifying differences understanding appropriate Ff Writing: Left-to-right progression; large and behaviour required for building fish, gramma r. Word chain Use the flashcards to elicit the vocabu lary for the game. No new material is presented or practised vocabu. Xnd is reinforced with flashcard activities.

Story actions Point to each frame of the story in turn and identify the characters. Point to the letters C and c. Transcript 15 listen and chant. Facing the board draw the letters in the air for children to copy.

Chi ldren hold up the correct number of fingers as they hear the word. In addition to th ese, an Alphabet Book is avai lable for the Family and Friends series. Transcript 15 listen and chant. Warmer tSJ 01 Play the Hello song to introduce the lesson.

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