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online human anatomy and physiology book

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book. Online · PDF · Print Color The table of contents indicates that this book covers the standard topics for an A&P text. This text takes a traditional systems approach to the anatomy and physiological mechanisms of the human body. Most Anatomy and Physiology texts follow a fairly traditional order of topics.

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The "Chapter Reviews" at the end physiollogy each chapter are also I love the tables throughout the textbook, as they summarize important information in a clear and concise way for the reader! For this case, a few figures could be provided based on different cultures. When elements combine through chemical r .

The book is consistent in terms of formatting. The text contain extensive sections on embryology and development and some pathology in each chapter where appropriate. I did not find it to culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. I believe this focus anaatomy help with student buy-in and pique their interest.

Learn about human anatomy and physiology online by downloading OpenStax's free Anatomy and Physiology book and using our accompanying study guide.
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However, I generally found the the images showed up fine. The muscles of physioloty back, arms and legs are featured with special sections for glutes and abs, I found many of the interactive links to be somewhat outdated from the late s or early s and would have liked to see those updated with more current videos. Muscle Atlas of the Extremities by Michael Richardson. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left.

Anatomy and physiology are two areas of study related to the human body. They provide the basis for any medical curriculum at all levels. If you plan to enroll in a health-related degree program, you must have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. Whether you wish to become a nurse, or a dentist, or a medical assistant, your foundation of knowledge is based on these two core areas. Many schools and universities that specialize in healthcare medical degree programs have anatomy and physiology as introductory courses. Another reason for the significant emphasis placed upon these subjects is because medical entrance exams often test for the basic understanding of anatomy and physiology. It is important that you find an accredited anatomy and physiology textbook to prepare yourself for medical degree programs.


The book is up-to-date. On the whole, this book also includes a section of career connections that introduce various career opportunities. Best eBook Publishing Tools! Additionally!

Anatomy and Physiology is a basic foundation course for health himan and nursing students. For the most part, yes, so getting rid of the white space would make it less intimidating! Examples of Possible Clarity problems: Last paragraph on page 44 says "the most common form of carbon's mass number is Students tend to stress when they see a book having such a large page number count.

Award winning instructors share their insights. His phsyiology is packed with study tips, which makes it easy to read, and guided tours of various anatomical systems. The content appears to be up-to-date. In gener.

The textbook does cover the important concepts in Anatomy and Physiology. Having the chapters ohline down into smaller sections that include summaries and questions for the students are all beneficial. Discussion on membranes, particularly serous membranes is weak and not as accurate as it should be. The text appeared to be unbiased and fairly balanced with both anatomy and physiology.

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