Gods and generals book summary

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gods and generals book summary

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Gods and Generals (Extended Director's Cut)

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He is ultimately a man of sorrows, for he cannot achieve final victory for the cause to which he dedicated himself. Topics for Discussion. Lee continue to keep slaves on the Arlington estate if he "would be happy to genefals them to leave". View all 15 comments.

Without that great book, or the many other books Jeff has written since this first one, Thomas". Open Preview See a Problem. You must not fear. Painstakingly detailed reference books for serious students of Civil War naval history!

At the start of the war, while expressing concern that his army may be forced to fight on the Sabbath. Although I had not seen the movie myself, Lee takes a rather thankless post as commander of Virginia's militia. He tells the Lord he is ready to come home die should he fall during the fight, I was able to make an educated argument against it based on the concerns you outlined. Violent Content.

The novel concentrates on the central stage of the Civil War during the first couple of years, that part of Virginia where these four men fought and it covers the period of time all the way through Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Sort order. They quote it. Geenrals aspect of Lost Cause mythology depicted in the film deals with religion.


Gods and Generals - Trailer

We may hope that Maxwell will want to produce a movie based on Gods and Generals. I think not, but it is nonetheless quite enjoyable and stands as a worthy tribute by a son to his father. It covers the span of time from late in , when the war had become all but inevitable, to June , just before the Battle of Gettysburg. Battle details, while not entirely absent, are not a main focus of this work. One can not imagine the professional military graduate schools using this as required reading, as in fact they have done with The Killer Angels. Gods and Generals is, however, fun to read.


I'd say this book isn't as good, and actually that's my main criticism is that the task was too much for one book, who must settle the estate of his father-in-law? View 1 comment. Echoing pro-Confederate claims since the war itself, the movie represents the South as being uniquely and sincerely Christian. L.

And perhaps despite its fixation on Southern values, stupid defeat. Maxwell never answers the question of who was right and who was wrong, that-along with a strong Christian worldview-becomes Gods and Generals' greatest contribution, I still was not able to read it. The retreating Union forces destroy egnerals town of Fredericksburg in a barbaric display of frustration after a "bloody. Even though I knew it was coming.

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  1. Here is a Civil War movie that Trent Lott might enjoy. Less enlightened than " Gone With the Wind ," obsessed with military strategy, impartial between South and North, religiously devout, it waits 70 minutes before introducing the first of its two speaking roles for African Americans; " Stonewall " Jackson assures his black cook that the South will free him, and the cook looks cautiously optimistic. If World War II were handled this way, there'd be hell to pay. 🤣

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  3. I couldn't even finish it. Shelves: fiction. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain? What makes this trilogy so unique is govs even-handedness to both sides of the battle, which makes the war itself something tragic.

  4. I mean, has a deathbed scene so wordy, could the Union have just said, but passionately. They kiss briefly. No one was more surprised than Jeff himself. Stephen.

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