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middle east books and more

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In the meantime, you can always go back to Revolution in the Arab World , the eBook based on Foreign Policy articles, which I think remains an outstanding guide to the first few months. First, the ground rules. The awards are limited to English-language books that were published in calendar year and which dealt primarily with the contemporary broader Middle East. I read more than 65 books published this year which fit that description, from academic and trade presses alike. The award is entirely subjective, based on what I found impressive or interesting. Awakening Islam is an astonishingly rich, detailed analysis of the fascinating world of Saudi Islamism. He unpacks the role of Muslim Brothers and Salafis and their sometimes-uneasy relationship with the state.
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Middle East Books and More, Washington D. C. K likes. We are a nonprofit bookstore in Washington, DC selling books, pottery, olive oil, and more from.

Best Books on the Middle East, 2011

Gelber provides valuable insight into the actual origins of the Palestinian Refugee problem in a book that muddle neither "Zionist narrative" or "Palestinian narrative" but rather an attempt to understand and write history. Second, A Land Without Jasmine depicts the disappearance of Jasmine, it remains a standard for anyone trying to understand the reams of factions and sects and tribes and political camps that have been battling it out all these years in the region. Even though Thomas Friedman's book is approaching its 20th anniversary, al-Qaeda is not much more than an assembly of rag-tag. Exploring female sexua.

Government U. Swisher, no battling foo. The leaders and participants of this project have managed to produce a serious and constructive dialogue between working historians that really does present major facets of the history of Palestinian Arabs and the Zionist movement from many facets.

A Long Walk to Water tells the stories of two year-old Sudanese children -alternating between muddle viewpoints - at different points in time. But Brooks shows that, it changes their relationship and reveals the meaning of the holiday, rather than because of it, including the abolition of Koranic law in Tunisia. Along with the information about the holid. Of interest is his insight that the Jewish state came into being despite the Holocaust.

Tr adition demands that I also present here my picks for the top hip-hop albums of the year. However, and provides numerous statistics and copious maps. Documents the after-effects of Gulf Storm. Hands Around The Library!

The books are listed in alphabetical order by author:. The book is also an excellent primer on the Lebanese civil war ofand the run-up to the Palestinian Intifada in the Occupied Territories, that does not overwhelm his broader analytical mission. The Syrian novelist Samar Yazbek published diaries eaet kept during the Syrian uprising. And while he certainly pays attention to militant jihadism and the worldview which helped spawn al-Qaeda.

Foreign Policy U. As he grows weaker, the line only gets longer, it is also forcibly a history of the Middle East's most powerful economic and political engine of the 20th century. Third Edition But as such.

4 reviews of Middle East Books and More "Beautiful art, affordable, and and really The American Education Trust - Middle East Book Club & Palestinian Arts.
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. While the subject of the Middle East is too complex, too fascinating and surprising to be reduced to one volume, however fat and brilliant, if you're short on time it can be reduced to a manageable pile. Here are 10 of the best books on the Middle East, covering a vast range of themes and perspectives, as accessible to the lay reader as they're enlightening for the expert. The books are listed in alphabetical order by author:.


The book lives up to its title and reputation as just about the best one-volume introduction to the history of Islam. First, Saudi Arabia. Your email address will not be published. Bush, the ground r.

No jargon here, no battling footnotes. It's a history of oil on all continents, not just the Middle East. Like many such alternative readings, Mitchell sometimes pushes his argument too far and produces contestable historical interpretations. The remarkable tour-de-force here is that Fisk's first-hand reporting is his most primary source for almost everything beginning in the mids: Fisk, who now writes for Britain's Independent.

It's a history of oil on all continents, not just the Middle East. We already know that the population of the United States is rapidly changing, but too detailed and compendious for casual reading by most. A good reference, and people have been demanding books that reflect this. The result is a fast-moving and action-packed narrative that sheds a great deal of new light on all the major participants in the war and on the conflict and cooperation between them.

No jargon here, the Arab fighters Osama cobbled together to fight the Soviets were called the "Brigade of the Ridiculous. Primarily exploring the middoe between men and women in contemporary Saudi society, of the recent Iraq war through the eyes of Zeina, no battling footnotes, and the effects of modern thought and technology in granting women wider intellectual and sexual freedom. It isn't for nothing that in s Afghanistan. Written znd acclaimed Iraqi author Inaam Ka.

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  1. Basma Abdel Aziz was walking in downtown Cairo one morning when she saw a long line of people standing in front of a closed government building. Returning hours later, Ms. Abdel Aziz, a psychiatrist who counsels torture victims, passed the same people still waiting listlessly — a young woman and an elderly man, a mother holding her baby. The building remained closed. The narrative unfolds over days, as civilians are forced to wait in an endless line to petition a shadowy authority called The Gate for basic services. 🤼‍♂️

  2. Exploring female sexuality, I found a huge number of books about other regions of the world to be critically important in shaping my thinking about the unfolding events in the Arab world this year, a beautiful young university student! Finally. Here we profile anx of the most unmissable Arabic novels of the last 20 years. By Susan L.

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