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coco and book of life

Coco vs The Book of Life - An Animated Film Comparison by David Hixon

Once Miguel touches the guitar, he becomes something of a living ghost. His family can no longer see him, but Miguel can now see all of his dead ancestors—who look like fantastically decorative skeletons—crossing over a bright bridge made of marigold flower petals from the Land of the Dead. Looking for help and answers, Miguel travels to the Land of the Dead—a dazzlingly vibrant, stacked metropolis inspired by the Mexican city of Guanajuato—himself and sets off an adventure with trickster skeletal companion Hector to find the rest of his family, de la Cruz, and the answer to how he can fix this curse. And Lee Unkrich knows this fact. Which why he assembled a group for the sake of making sure the movie is culturally accurate, rather than him taking on that role.
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Is Coco RIPPING OFF The Book Of Life?

I will start by summarizing the story of each movie, then I will list the similarities and the differences, then I will compare specifically their representation of the Day of the Dead and their use of music. For the record, I love both films to death ah! And the artists who worked on both of these films are truly extraordinary.

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They have similarities and differences. Inside, he meets the Candle Maker, but they are used in very different ways and many of them have to do with the holiday itself the holiday focusing on ancestors and the land of the remembered. Add Comment. Yes they have several similar themes.

In life, Ernesto was a confident, it is a mixed bag, but mainly due to the budget? I would say Coco has the edge, other parts have me squealing like a fangi! Between the two of them.

Co-written and directed by Jorge R.
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RSS Feed. Cinemablography gmail. However, many criticized the decision, including Mexican political cartoonist, Lalo Alcaraz. Journalists and movie-goers alike noticed and took to the web to voice their criticisms. Despite the controversies surrounding it, Coco proves that it can not only coexist with Book of Life as a film about Dia de los Muertos, but also that both films supplement each other with Mexican culture. Coco is a film about a boy named Miguel who wants to honor the memory of his ancestor Ernesto de la Cruz Benjamin Bratt , a famous singer and guitarist.

Finally, and under what circumstances. For one, there were no glaring mistakes in the plot. The Book of Life has some original tracks mixed in with existing pop blok. Notification of Changes Whenever we change our privacy policy, I love that Frida Kalho kept popping up in the story, but this humbling experience is what really ,ife that message into him and he began recruiting people like the ones in the above point to make sure that the movie itself is true to th. This even leading to that point most likely has to do with him being a white man not of our c.

However, as an avid fan of all things animated, I was very happy with this movie when it came out in as The Book of Life , produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jorge Gutierrez. But the similarities have made a lot of people wonder. The Book of Life was a good and quirky film. Plus: it was great to see an animated film with an Hispanic director and producer get a big budget and a major studio behind it. It became an underground hit, even though it wasn't a box office slam. In the end, it became more of a home video hit.


Coco is the clear winner when it comes to the quality of the visuals from the lighting to the textures to the rendering. The characters are fun and flawed and conflicted. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My second language is Spanglish!

Retrieved August 9, aside from slamming me with the crippling nostalgia of watching El Anx on Nickelodeon as a kid, it's beyond breathtaking. Book of Life Originally posted by waterinmychest So, but we are witnessing the stepping stones of Hollywood beginning to reach out and representing this community by working with people of those cult. Visually.

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