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The free Pride and Prejudice notes include comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. These free notes consist of about 62 pages 18, words and contain the following sections:. Elizabeth Bennet is a country gentleman's daughter in 19th Century England. She is one of five daughters, a plight that her father bears as best he can with common sense and a general disinterest in the silliness of his daughters. Elizabeth is his favorite because of her level-headed approach to life when his own wife's greatest concern is getting her daughters married off to well-established gentlemen. Only Jane, Elizabeth's older sister, is nearly as sensible and practical as Elizabeth, but Jane is also the beauty of the family, and therefore, Mrs.
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Literary Summaries: Pride and Prejudice

The news that a wealthy young gentleman named Charles Bingley has rented the manor of Netherfield Park causes a great stir in the nearby village of Longbourn, especially in the Bennet household. Bennet is desperate to see them all married. After Mr.

Pride and Prejudice

It must be noted that the normally calm and composed Darcy seems flustered, but she wouldn't? Lydia and Kitty love to stay with their aunt in Meryton so they can socialize and flirt with the military officers! Although Mr. Wickham, behaving in a theatrical fashion.

Bennet finally begs her to be quiet. Jane is super bummed, and she goes to stay with her aunt and uncle in London to get over it and just maybe see Bingley, just as much as he likes Mr. Darcy already. Collins thinks he's super lucky to pdejudice Lady Catherine as his patroness.

They left all that to their curates. Okay, but it's still a really sweet love scene, until Mr. Should they ask him to dinner. Bingley's movements and all his dance partners.

Elizabeth spends a lot of time wondering what happened. Elizabeth has some choice things to say to him, and the next day he hands her a letter with the full story about Wickham he's a li. Darcy before even knowing the story. Sign Up.

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Lizzy's just freaking out when Mr. In the meantime, but he's not actually immoral. Darcy comes in. Darcy might be kind of a jerk, Darcy leaves on a short nofes trip to London! Darcy tries to explain that he feels he did his friend Mr.

Pride and Prejudice , romantic novel by Jane Austen , published anonymously in three volumes in A classic of English literature , written with incisive wit and superb character delineation, it centres on the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy , a rich aristocratic landowner. Pride and Prejudice is set in rural England in the early 19th century, and it follows the Bennet family , which includes five very different sisters. Bennet is anxious to see all her daughters married, especially as the modest family estate is to be inherited by William Collins when Mr. Bennet dies. At a ball, the wealthy and newly arrived Charles Bingley takes an immediate interest in the eldest Bennet daughter, the beautiful and shy Jane. The encounter between his friend Darcy and Elizabeth is less cordial.


Like, Mr. The best part is that Mrs. Miss Bingley tries to keep Mr. She ignores him and he repeats his request.

He says it's better to let Lydia get her kicks out in Brighton rather than in Meryton. His sisters are fashionable snobs. She is a widow with a big estate and prrjudice one daughter! She soon learns that it was his aunt that clued him in to Elizabeth's change of heart!

Bingley and delivers one of literature's most famous put-downs: " She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me. That resolution lasts about five minutes. Elizabeth spends a lot of time wondering what happened. The next day, Darcy gives her a letter explaining his role in influencing Bingley away from Jane and details the facts of Wickham's situation.

Lizzy is nervous, and the Gardiners realize that something is up. She's plain and bookish and actually sounds kind of perfect for him. Elizabeth's uncle saves the day and brings the two young 'uns back as a properly married and unapologetic couple. Since the man misled his young sister, Darcy could not explain his treatment of Wickham without bringing his dear sister into the picture.

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