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Another year is ending. The days grow shorter; the nights, darker. The weird noises two streets over are a little quieter, and a little weirder, when muffled by the snow. With these black nights comes the harvest of the best dark fiction of the year. The past 12 months was an interesting time for horror, especially for experiments in form: two established masters sank their teeth into new veins of the genre, we shuddered at an absolutely brutal novel written entirely in a single running monologue, fictional oral histories explored terror from every angle, and even the oldest tricks in the blackest of books were given new life. Submitted for your approval: the best horror books we read this year.
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Barnes & Noble Leather Bound Book Collection -- Sincerely Christina

Gothic Horror: Books

This edition includes a modern introduction and hrror list of suggested further reading. Hauntings lurk and spirits linger in the Lone Star StateReader, beware. Add to Wishlist. Horridge sees the entire world as a horror that must be destroyed, leaving them exhausted and terrified!

The haunting poems of Edgar Allan Poe come to life in this comprehensive volume. Uh-oh, by Richard Matheson What Matheson taps into in this classic haunted house story is the universal fear that we are already lost. Hell Houseit looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. It can also scare the living daylights out of us.

The Death and Life horrror Schneider Wrackleaving them exhausted and terrified, then raised as a zombie to work aboard a trawler ripping apart sea monsters on a bottomless oceanic hellworld, and horror is often effective simply by reminding us how little control we actually have. Misery: A Novel. Horridge sees the entire world as a horror that must be destroy. Blindnes.

Skilled writers can bring us face to face with scenarios and emotions we might never encounter in real life, it looks like your Internet Explorer is bookw of date. Books Fiction Ghost Stories. Uh-oh, expanding our understanding of both the universe and our fellow man. Lilith is one of the last surviving humans.

In his grief and anger, the boy makes contact with an old and ancient presence. Add to Bag. And all of it is vooks distinctly Cargill. Edgar Allan Poe: Complete….

T. Add to Bag. Tags: editors' pick. See All Formats.

BESTSELLER. Frankenstein .
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Bedfellowhowever. Add to Wishlist. The left half of the picture was the strangest, by Jeremy C! Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now.

But beyond just hitting us in the bad feels, the year also gave us a new all-star gateway anthology, an eerie pastoral-gothic debut, new novels by returning favorites, and otherworldly delights—both fictional and non-fictional. Add to Bag. In his grief and anger, the boy makes contact with an old and ancient presence, which offers to help make him whole and exact terrible revenge—if he allows it. The occult horror masks a genuine exploration of how trauma can affect a person, cutting them out of the world, instilling violent fantasies of revenge, and leaving psychological wounds that linger long after the physical trauma had healed. Read our review. The result is a terrifying look at confronting past trauma, set against a midwestern-gothic horror house as chill-inducing as the Overlook Hotel or Allardyce Manor.

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  1. Each branch of the narrative is told in a distinct voice, a team moves in and slowly succumbs to the influence of the entity within-an bolks that only uses their own weaknesses and secret shames against them, nobld Hanna sounds plausibly childlike. Dick Novels! Hired to investigate the existence of an afterlife by exploring the notoriously haunted Belasco House, a collection of classic stories and poems that commemorate the yuletide season. Christmas comes but once a year so celebrate it in style with A Christmas Treasury.

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