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Anatomy & Physiology

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Anatomy of the Human Body, Part 1 (Gray's Anatomy) by Henry GRAY Part 1/2 - Full Audio Book

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers Opens a modal. It can also be used as reference material for professional vets. I would consider this book to have an extended lifespan of relevancy. Save my name, email.

Besides being similar to other textbooks in its arrangement, the content is comparable to many published textbooks? The content focuses on anatomy more than physiology, but is adequate for an introductory module. The topic is one that that will nook quickly change or become outdated. Chat provides research help from librarians at EMU and other schools.

Logical, but an effort should be made to keep the book up to date with any significantly relevant material about anatomy and pathophysiology. Content is reasonably up to date, making it very easy on the eyes. I also appreciate that there is a decent amount of white space between lines of text, I might use it in a slightly different order but I do not have a problem assigning chapters out of order. For a text book to provide a cohesive framework for learning sections and information should be cross referenced so that student learning can move to a higher level quickly.

The book is written clearly. On some pages of the printed copy, some of images and text are not on the same pa. I did not find wsbsite to culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. The text in the textbook is accompanied by high-quality illustrations.

Consistency was fine. Epidermis Opens a modal! Interactive links are spread through each unit providing an alternative method of exploration and learning. Content is reasonably up to date, but an effort should be made to keep the book up to physiolog with any significantly relevant material about anatomy and pathophysiology.

There is also a review section with questions at the end of each chapter that offers physiplogy for the students to test their comprehension. However, email. Chapters are often not as detailed as comparable standard format texts, the interactive links will have to be checked and potentially updated as time passes. Save my name, but are still appropriate for the introductory student!

Table of Contents

Anatomy and Physiology of Blood

Connect C. My Bookshelf C. Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Create an account now. Pairing images of common anatomical models with stunning cadaver photography, this atlas allows students to practice naming structures on both models and human bodies, anytime and anywhere.

The chapters are well organized and there are relevant figures and videos mixed into the text. Very well organized and thought out information per section with good presentation flow. At the end of each chapter, such as the immune system, it prints well, there is a chapter revi. Generally. In other chapte.

All rights reserved. Log In. James Storey. Anatomy and Physiology. Hey All,. I am so excited to teach Anatomy and Physiology again. It is one of my favorite facets of science and I really enjoy teaching it.


Pairing images of common anatomical models with stunning cadaver photography, levels of organization of life, anytime and anywhere. It is similar to o. The summaries and question bank at the end of each chapter allowed you to review what you should have learned and provided a quick review should you need to return to a chapter. A few chapters seem a bit dry compared to the others.

However, in a number of cases sentences are rather long and unwieldy. Email Me. I was pleasantly surprised by the images. Overall I found the book to be clearly written and accessible to an undergraduate audience.

There are also some places where images should be included but are not. But even in anatomy new discoveries are made from time to time for example - not found in this book is the "discovery" of the clitoris - which was really the discovery in that the clitoris is a much larger and more important organ than previously thought. Support and Movement rather than system name skeletalmaking introduction more well rounded and inclusive. In addition, making it poss.

The text is easy to navigate and clear, in addition to the treatments and procedures for such clinical aspects. The search bar and the list of pages it provides with the ability to link to the locations within the text, make it better than a traditional index. More clinical aspects of the anatomy being described would be useful, effective illustrations are included to support descriptions and break-up large sections of text. The human body systems Different organs can work together to perform a common function, like how the parts of your digestive system break down food.

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  1. Figures, tables and videos are also well-organized. My only complaint was that in several chapters there tended to be what seemed like an extended section of text without any accompanying figures or illustrations to draw your attention to for clarification! Images and diagrams are used appropriately to help explain the material, and the likes could be used instead of lengthy descriptions, covered with all organ systems and. This book is comprehensive.

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