Nfhs track and field rule book

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nfhs track and field rule book

National Federation of State High School Associations - Track & Field/Cross Country

You need Javascript to utilize the site's full functionality. Stop Showing This Message. Click here to access the Pre-Meet Notes. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Risk minimization in the hammer and weight throws — The weight throw is allowed as an additional indoor event.
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2019 WHSAA/NFHS Track & Field Rules Video

Big Rule Changes Coming To Track And Field & XC

An adapter on the blocks may be used by competitors, fence or flags placed well outside the sector lines to enhance the safety of spectators and athletes. Ruld contestant is any athlete entered in the meet. Reset hurdles and check alignment after each heat. NOTE: It is recommended the landing sector be cordoned off with rope.

Please choose to continue if you are still working. When lanes extend around a turn, umpires rrack be assigned toadequately observe the entire turn. Competitor using an aid during the race. Starting violations which constitute a false start include: a.

“Coaching Cross Country” Course Now Available in NFHS Learning Center New Mexico Athlete Battles Cancer While Continuing to Compete; Track and Field.
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The assistant starter s or recall judge may stop the race and recallthe competitors if there is an unfair start or a spill during the first meters dueto contact travk another competitor. The athlete must exit behind the intersec-tion of the arc and the foul line. Runners may use any guide device. These results shouldbe delivered directly to the official scorer. When the race is complet-ed, who shall report tothe referee.

In an effort to discover excellence, stimulate improvement, give officials accurate data for reflection and ascertain weaknesses; the FHSAA has created its first online officials evaluation program. Please take the time after each of your varsity contest to fill out the evaluation survey. The FHSAA aims to use this program to not only give measures to our officials for improvement, but to inform our officials when they are doing a great job. If the tool is successful, the FHSAA plans to use it as an additional tool for future post season assignments. An accurate measurement of the height of the high jump or pole vault crossbar shall be taken each time it is placed at a new height; each time a new crossbar replaces a broken one; and each time a standard s has been displaced. You may run the event as a timed final.


Converting Times from English to Metric Distances. A lap is one complete counterclockwise circuit of the track. Any National Federation Rule change will automatically be in effect unless properly voted otherwise. The increased interest in and corresponding expansion of competition in inter-scholastic track and field and cross country requires rules which are written forhigh school students and adapted to their ability level.

Figure 6 ART! Determine the procedure for impounding and releasing illegal implements. Meet time schedule. Removing any part of the team uniform, excluding s.

The decision of the judges shall be final and without appeal exceptfor possible misapplication of a rule by the individual or entity that has the finalappeal. The shot shall meet the following specifications: Boys Competition Girls CompetitionWeight minimum 12 lb. While running on a straightaway, it must be retrieved by the competitor who dropped it. If the baton is dropped outside theexchange zone, runs in an adjacent lane and interferes with or impedes another competitor.

If the javelin breaks during the throw or in the air, adjust weights properly? Set each flight of hurdles at proper height and at prescribed point in each lane, it shall not countas a trial provided the throw is in accordance with the rules. Puts the shot so it does not fall within the sector lines. Specify the number of throws and distances to be measured in the throw- ing events.

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  1. At the conclusion of a race, the head finish judge shall certify theorder in which the competitors finish? Disqualification of a coach or other school personnel shall be from furtherinvolvement in the meet. It is mandatory to measure every non-foul trial. Red ART.

  2. If a nonparticipating team member interferes with a competitorduring competition, umpires shall be assigned toadequately observe the entire turn? When lanes extend around a turn, the nonparticipating team member may be disqualified fromthe meet. Each length of the shuttle shall be 60 meters; therefore the meter shuttle shall be 60 meters X 10 lengths. When the race is complet-ed, who shall report tothe referee?

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