Alice and jerry school books

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alice and jerry school books

Alice and jerry books high on a hill

Are you looking for stories that will foster a lifelong love of reading? That's the testimony of one "graduate" of the Alice and Jerry Reading Program - a grade school student in the 60's now rejoicing in the re-printing of this winsome series. These books are pure midth century Midwest and absolutely, delightfully so. No political correctness here - but there is bountiful evidence of a more carefree childhood lifestyle, a freedom and innocence that seems to have been lost somewhere along the line. Originally published in , the stories are full of the wonderful experiences of children who are happy, interested in life and those around them, and sometimes just a bit naughty. The children and the adults in their lives are involved in the everyday joys of pre-computerized, pre-nanny-state, pre-regulated America. Be careful!
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Alice and jerry books high on a hill

Collectible Water Color Illustrations. I spent a lot of time daydreaming that I was in those beautiful books! That wasn't the name of the individual books. I never thought to look in old book stores as some have.

I loved those books, living in rural Mexico! In the final chapter of Engine Whistlesthe great-great grandson of Tom Hastings flies home to join his family for the centennial celebration of the city. There is boos small bottom page edge tear and one small page edge to the last regular page. I am retired, and I read them many times.

Different sellers, and both were about What a joy it is to be able to link the books of the past to my contemporary travel experiences. In a fit of nostalgia I acquired the three books that I remembered from my school days in Ohio in the 40's. They arranged for her to live with Dr.

Vintage Neighbors on. So many stories. I do know the background color of that book was green My favorite was "Engine Whistles" and all the antique cars the village people owned.

Piggle Wiggle. I work in a primary school now and its a girl called Kipper. Because she was black, she was relegated to competing only in events sponsored by the American Tennis Association an all-black association. I turn 64 next Saturday.

Several people who commented mentioned that they read similar books but the characters names were John and Jean and Judy? I read the Jane and Peter books as a child Recently my sister ran across five tiny blue apice that are each titled "My Own Book". Now at age 55, I smile when I remember Alice.

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BLACK BEAUTY by Anna Sewell - FULL AudioBook - Greatest AudioBooks V2

But my summers are also filled with American history as told through its dogs. If that sounds silly, read my paragraphs below. Serena and Venus, of course, stand on the shoulders of another tennis great, Althea Gibson , who broke the color barrier in what was the all-white sport of tennis. Her first sport was paddle tennis, but a local fellow, Buddy Walker, noted her ability. He took her to the Harlem River Tennis Courts, where she learned the official game. Because she was black, she was relegated to competing only in events sponsored by the American Tennis Association an all-black association. Two African American doctors saw one of her matches, and they were impressed.

Hehe Cindy Raymond q. I remember learning that English children, I smile when I remember Alice, got them at a bakery--and that in France people ate SNAILS. Now at age ? Dick and Jane were published by Scott Foresman. Which of these books do you remember from your childhood.

The characters in my children's books were Ramu, Sita and Gopal! Village with three corners here, Jennifer Yellow Hat! Another one with the Village with 3 Corners. I loved it and it's brought back fond memories as I loved school and learning to read. Anyone remember having words in a tobacco tin? Is that even allowed now?! I can't remember which scheme I used to learn to read, but I do have fond memories of Janet and John and the other is of Andy Pandy!


Ha Ha. Nicely illustrated. Does anyone else remember Little Red Hen. Happy easter Sal, Sarah x.

Through the Advanced Search, we might have some very intelligent students Of course I was not exactly a model student, Song T. Alice and Jerry seem to have been overlooked while Dick and Jane became a catchword. If we were doing these stories today in scho.

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  1. I grew up in eastern Kentucky in the s I was born in ' I would love to see a contemporary "urban" version of the series; perhaps it would help increase love of reading. Because of that dedicated, I developed a love for reading that I have to this. You searched for: alice and jerry.🧙

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