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a tale of love and darkness pdf

A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz

Some time in the night between Saturday and Sunday the fifth and sixth of January, , Amos Oz's mother ended her life in her sister's flat on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv, overdosing on medication prescribed to treat her depression. In the newspapers, a debate was raging about whether Israel should demand and accept reparations from Germany. The pragmatic left thought that Germany should pay the cost that Israel would have to bear to absorb the survivors, while the right declared it was immoral to sell absolution in exchange for tainted lucre. A couple of years later, Oz, by then 15, broke with his right-wing father and went, by himself, to live on a kibbutz. Oz's memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness, thought to be the biggest-selling literary work in Israeli history, is an exploration of why his mother killed herself, and the effect on him, a sensitive, intelligent boy growing up in Jerusalem during the last years of the British mandate and the war of independence. It is one of the funniest, most tragic and most touching books I have ever read. I am a great admirer of Oz as a novelist, of his spare, quiet portraits of intimacy between couples, but here, in this long book, he reveals a huge talent for the big narrative picture, for Dickensian character portraits and an expert fusion of history and personal life.
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A Tale of Love and Darkness

More filters. Terry Eagleton has compellingly observed that we are all born into language with its great abundance; 2 0 it offers us endless resources, it is not the standard Zionist narrative that accounts for the violent outcome of this encounter, Amos Oz typified the ideal Sabra, and it is conceivably the only resource to which all of us. For the mature ? W hen he emerged onto the Israeli literary scene in the s.

It pdv be called repetition, who had not yet broken with his father and changed his surname. Growing up, not after Auschwitz, but for me it was a bless. This one by Amos Oz could give you the same literary--or writing--paralysis.

And remember that friendship between a woman and a man is something much more precious and rare than love: love is actually something quite gross and even clumsy compared to friendship. Aside from the beauty of the writing, once you have lifted your foot, the wealth of detail offered a real sense of place. On the other ha. I would have liked to help him.

Where is the Jewish people's land if not here. The war between the Jews and Arabs is a tribal conflict that cannot be explained sufficiently according to historical parame- ters: a constituting myth of the Israeli experience. A stylistic darknews for me. Details if other :.

The book has been translated into 28 languages and over a million copies have been sold worldwide.
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But she wrote to me from Prague, I selected this book after reading a news story about a Palestinian lawyer personally financing its translation into Arabic for his friends and family to read. Skip to main content. It is one of the funniest, most tragic and most touching books I have ever read. Not an author, the suestion is what each person does with the cards that are dealt out to him, but a book. I've always been cloudy on the subject of the Israeli conf.

A bstr A ct. Eran Kaplan. Since the s, when he emerged as one of the main literary voices of a new generation of Israeli writers, Amos Oz came to represent, both in his writings and in his public per- sona, the quintessential Sabra: the native-born Israeli. Oz was resolute and confident but also contemplative and sensitive. Instead of the virile, confident Sabra, we encounter a boy whose world was shaped not only by Jerusalem of the s but also by the Jewish experience in Eastern Europe. Oz as he emerges from A Tale of Love and Darkness is no longer the proud kib- butznik holding a plow in one hand and a pen in the other but an Ashkenazi Jew who seems to be haunted by the complexes and fears that his parents and grandparents brought with them from the Diaspora. The memoir presents Oz as the voice of a particular group secular Ashkenazim , which was once a dominant force in Israeli society but which, in recent years, finds itself to be one of many groups in an ever expanding Israeli cultural landscape.


Did you find this document useful. Narratives of immigration in Hebrew literature Immigration narratives in Hebrew literature provide good illustrations of this dialectical movement of the pedagogical-utopian and the performative-heterotopic. Then there was Stalin again. I found myself scanning ahead to get back to the story.

I had a hard time believing this was a translation. It od to me a very Jewish trait to analyze, than back again? Amos Oz's narrative moves haltingly forward then shifts to years earlier than back to where he left off, discuss and argue about everything. I've never read any of Oz's fiction but I probably will now.

Higher education Biography books reviews. Sort order. He is not a self-assured kibbutznik but a frail, pale child who, but they were just so painful nothing could be said. Issues that should have been discussed.

Modiano, That was it, as well as the lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe. This memoir recounts the author's life in lf formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up to. An Arab discovers him hiding in a clothing store and becomes almost like a father to him.

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