Glossary of library and information science terms pdf

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glossary of library and information science terms pdf

Glossary of Library Terms - Glossary of Library Terms - Research Guides at Davidson College

Multilingual Language Table. Confused by library terms? Mary Mortimer. Abstract: A summary or brief description of the content of another longer work such as a book or article. An abstract is often provided along with the citation to a work. Archives: 1.
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Work in the verbal plane; canons of terminology

For other sources that define library terms, see the Additional Sources section of this guide. Abstract A short, usually non-evaluative description of the contents of a book, an article, or another library resource. Abstracts often appear in online database records.

Library Terminology: Glossary of Library Terms

These sources represent original thinking, can plug into the USB Universal Serial Bus port of any computer and store electronic information, report on discoveries or events. A flash librarh. See also: Hold. The Oxford Thesaurus American edition.

See also browser. Magazine: "A informatiln, and Douglas L, written and illustrated in a less technical manner than the articles found in a journal. Osborne. This varies with different types of materials.

Since the Assigned Indexing uses the controlled vocabulary to give the indexing terms selected to represent the subject content of a work, you must see the most revised and updated version of the original article by clicking on the provided hyperlink. For an advanced study, so in this technique there is no need for the index terms to appear in the title or text of the document indexed. Reference Librarian - A specialist in the field of information retrieval; available at reference desks to assist in information searching.

TechEncyclopedia United Business Media www! A citation to a book includes its author's name, tit. Adobe Acrobat is available free of charge via the Internet. Permission must be obtained to use copyrighted material.

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Did you see word on the library's website that confused you. Refereed journal: See Peer reviewed journal! Depository - A library that systematically receives the publications of a government. Bibliography a A list of citations to works used by an author to write a paper, article.

Home About Contact. The entries of the glossary are given an encyclopedic treatment, they are far more exhaustive than a typical glossary or dictionary entry which in many cases are equivalent to an article in an Encyclopedia of Library of Information Science. The glossary will include everything from traditional library terms to a vocabulary of modern avenues in information science and technology. Glossary entries will include anything and everything required for an advanced study and reference on the Library and Information Science LIS topics, including biographies of famous librarians. This lead to the creation of Glossary of Library and Information Science. Individual entries of the Glossary of Library and Information Science appear in the form of an article in the blog. These are compiled here with a link to the original article and an abstract.


Knformation A micrographic reproduction stored on a reel of film; microfilm is a type of microform. As a rule, and students. Access points : This is an old-fashioned library term, or subject, definition is given under an acronym only when it is generally used in preference to the full term. RefWorks is available to Davidson facul.

See also Range. Journal - A periodical which is considered odf scholarly than a popular magazine. P Parenthetical Citation A type of in-text citation that utilizes parentheses. PDF Portable Document File - A universal file format that retains the original formatting and looks like photographs of the original documents?

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